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Electro-mechanics, Software, Electronics and Retrofitting


SerTech Elettronica has a fully equipped electromechanical workshop for control panels and cabinets wiring. Any type and brand of equipment can be used at competitive prices, according to the needs of customer.
The completed electrical panels are tested with sophisticated equipment in order to meet current regulations. In addition to cabinets wiring SerTech provides wiring harnesses, commissioning and start up at the end user’s place as well.


SerTech Elettronica develops programs for PLC, motion controller, Numerical Controls and PC. Thanks to its important experience in various brands equipment programming, it identifies the most suitable product to meet the real needs of customers and optimizes the best cost/ performance relation, both for small and high complex installations. The company can also develop and customize its own software for PC, data management and supervision, according to the specific needs of the customer.


Thanks to its ability to design equipment and circuit boards, SerTech Elettronica provides solutions for particular issues that cannot be solved using PLC or other standard solutions due to excessive costs or technical limitations. The team cover all activities necessary to design, develop and produce the devices for any field of application, ensuring high quality results.


SerTech Elettronica offers its advice for retrofitting. Old machinery and plants can be revaluated and upgraded to obtain energy performance improvement. The same activity can be extended to the building where the machinery is housed for a general reduction of the company’s energy costs. SerTech Elettronica through a complete energy audit can point out opportunities for improvement and interventions that provide value for money retrofitting.

  • Energy audit, for a correct evaluation of the customer requirements and historical analysis of the expenses;
  • Feasibility study of the energy improvements using alternative sources of energy;
  • Development of amortization schedule calculation and application forms
  • Project planning and general contracting services