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Thanks to the possibility of internally monitoring the stages of planning and implementation of electrical and electronic components necessary to control industrial machinery, SerTech Elettronica proposes itself as a highly qualified partner for all manufacturers of equipment, machinery and automatic plants:

Paper mill

  • Winders/Unwinders

  • Creping process

  • Printing machinery

  • Binding machinery

Wood carving

  • Edgebanders

  • Cutter heads

  • Log Bandsaws

  • Frame presses

Marble and Granite Processing

  • Slabs loading and unloading units

  • Cutter heads

  • Grinding and polishing machinery

  • Bridge sawing machinery

  • Block cutters

Tannery machinery

  • Vacuum dryer

Textile engineering

  • Finishing machinery

  • Dyeing machinery

  • Pre-treatment plants

Glass work

  • Cutting bench

  • Blast furnace