Advanced and reliable high performance systems

SerTech Elettronica has been offering expert advice and manufacturing for up-to-date and reliable equipment and systems for more than twenty-five years. SerTech can ensure high performance and increase the productivity of customers’ machinery. SerTech addresses also “end user” companies that will take advantage of its competence to upgrade and make their own production processes more efficient.

Over the years the company has acquired considerable experience developing projects for different sectors. 

The planning, based on the requirements and needs of customers, is designed by the technical department by using technological and modern equipment allowing the improvement of the performance and reliability of the customers’ machinery. Highly skilled staff look after the customer step by step, from the analysis of the performance and integration with existing systems to the assembling, programming, start up and commissioning.

For the “Packaging and Storage” area the main applications are:

  • Blister machinery
  • Case Packers
  • Vertical & Horizontal Packaging Machines
  • Dosing machinery
  • Bagging machinery
  • Wrapping & boxing
  • Automated Warehouses systems
  • Seal presses
  • Taping Machinery
  • Gantry & robotic palletisers
  • Strapping machinery


We design visual inspection systems to meet the following application needs:

  • Classification and choice
  • Reading of characters and codes
  • Recognition of defective products.

Our industrial visual and verification systems for industrial automation and logistics operations allow managers to have uninterrupted access to performance data in order to implement the efficiency of production plants.


Thanks to the possibility of internally monitoring the stages of planning and implementation of electrical and electronic components necessary to control industrial machinery, SerTech Elettronica proposes itself as a highly qualified partner for all manufacturers of equipment, machinery and automatic plants in paper processing:

  • Winders/Unwinders
  • Creping process
  • Printing machinery
  • Binding machinery

Thanks to the expertise acquired in many years in the food industry, SerTech Elettronica offers specialized advice and advanced solutions for the management of plants or machinery, including:

  • Pasta static dryers
  • Milk mini-dairy transformation units
  • Confectionery and pizza preparation lines
  • Bakery machinery

SerTech Elettronica proposes itself as a partner for all manufacturers of equipment and machines for wood processing, providing consultancy and assistance in the design and construction phases.

We have carried out projects on:

  • Edgebanders
  • Fresh
  • Sawmill
  • Clamps


SerTech Elettronica's experience includes applications for plants and machines for marble processing, including:

  • Loaders and unloaders
  • Milling machines
  • Sanding machines
  • Block cutter


SerTech Elettronica is specialized in the supply of equipment for precision machinery to satisfy even the most sophisticated customers’ needs.

A complete knowledge of the “motion control” has allowed the company to develop solutions for the processing such as burr removal or cold working, for different types of materials:

  • Machine tools and machining centres
  • Packaging machines for tubes
  • Rolling mill machines
  • Presses and Punching machinery
  • Cutting machines

We study and build automations for leather processing plants.

In the tanning industry we have dealt in particular with:

  • Dryers
  • Finishing lines.

Our experience in the design and construction of textile processing plants includes

  • Pretreatment systems
  • Fabric finishing systems
  • Dyeing machines
  • Textile spinner monitoring sensors


SerTech Elettronica realizes projects for glass processing plants:

  • Benches for straight and shaped cutting
  • Blast furnace interlocking systems
  • Automatic warehouses.

From the requests received over the years from customers in the goldsmith sector, we have decided to specialize also in consulting for the realization of:

  • Diamond cutting machines
  • Chain manufacturing machines


Over the years, SerTech Elettronica has specialized in the management of water treatment plants of various complexities.

After a careful analysis by the technical staff, which simulates and studies the feasibility of the project, SerTech Elettronica deals with the electrical design of the purification plant.

We distinguish ourselves in the sector because we provide the customer with a turnkey project including:

  • Design
  • Development of management and supervision software
  • Construction of electrical control panels
  • Activation of the electrical connections on the system
  • Testing and commissioning.

Furthermore, we guarantee an after-sales service tailored to the specific needs of the customer.


SerTech Elettronica supports all manufacturers of powder coating systems intended for various uses and sectors, from automotive to industry, providing cutting-edge and complete solutions.