Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

It is a radical change that the manufacturing sectors will have to face with regard to some areas of research, development, and innovation in which new digit technologies will transform the way industries work. Industry 4.0 is used to indicate the fourth industrial revolution. It is the utilisation of considerable quantities of data and information and the pervasive use of digital technologies to connect, innovate, and control the entire value chain in the manufacturing sectors.

The fields and the technologies at the heart of this transformation are:

  • Big data, open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing for information centralisation and storage
  • Data analytics to gain benefits from the data collection
  • Man-machine interaction and augmented reality
  • Switch from digital to “real” world (additive manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, communications, machine-to-machine interactions) and new technologies to store and use energy in a targeted manner

What are the benefits and advantages for companies?

  • FLEXIBILITY in production
  • SPEED: reduction of TIME TO MARKET and industrialisation project time
  • PRODUCTIVITY: reducing times and rejects
  • QUALITY: reducing the number of rejects and increasing the real-time control of the production
  • COMPETITIVENESS, thanks to products with a higher added value and thanks to “digital” functionalities

Which services can we offer?

The in-depth knowledge developed by SerTech Elettronica in the design and production of all hardware and software elements levareged in the automation field has allowed the company to be a point of reference for the implementation of integrated and connected systems that have been designed to increase production yield and the quality of industrial plants.

SerTech Elettronica applies innovative concepts to both new and existing plants, creating adequate infrastructures to connect the plant to the management software used on site.

This are the services we can offer:

  • We design and produce industrial automation systems, by incorporating and programming control equipment and standard software (PLC, NC, PC, SCADA, etc.)
  • We design and produce electronic devices, embedded systems and control software (apps for local and/or remote monitoring) for industrial and/or civil applications.

The sectors in which we operate are:

  • HMI – local or remote man-machine interfaces for Operator Panels, PCs (Windows or Linux) and mobile devices (iOS or Android smartphones/tablets);
  • ROBOTICS – programming of robots for assembly lines, for handling, for packaging and for serving operating machinery in general
  • MOTION – management of moving devices, from simple asynchronous motors with frequency converter to the most complex brushless and linear motors
  • SUPERVISION – production monitoring and control, and relative data sharing with the company management software.
  • IOT CONNECTIONS – “Internet of Things” applications, through hardware, software and web portal integrated solutions
  • PREDICTIVE MAINTENAINCE – analysis of processed parameters, to prevent machine downtimes following the breakage of any part of the machine itself
  • SPECIAL SENSOR SYSTEMS – production of sensors (inductive, optical, capacitive, etc.) to detect specific elements (e.g. to detect thread breakage in textile machines)
  • CUSTOM ELECTRONICS – design and production of custom electronic devices to meet the client’s specific requirements, should it not be possible to meet these requirements using standard equipment